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Okaya and Co., Ltd.


    Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


UAM Philippines, Inc. was established on March 03, 2005 in West Service Road, Cupang, Muntinlupa City. Ninety Nine Percent (99%) of its shares are owned by Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co. Ltd., the first company that produces rims, spokes, nipple for motorcycle and plating service industry in Thailand since 1982. Both companies are supported by its ultimate mother company Okaya & Co. Ltd., one of the largest trading corporations in the global network since 1669.

The first mass production was July 2005 and due to its immense expansion, UAM Philippines, Inc. decided to increase its capital through the support of its mother companies. By July 23, 2007, it transferred to First Philippine Industrial Park to manufacture spokes and nipples for Japanese motorcycle makers. To achieve higher revenues, UAM Philippines was engaged in the importation of raw materials from Thailand for motorcycle wheels beginning May 2011 that merely increased the company's gross profit.

Currently, UAM Philippines, Inc. is supplying assembled rims to the four major Japanese and other foreign motorcycle manufacturers in the Philippines namely, Honda, which is the major customer, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Kymco. UAM Philippines, Inc. believes in valuing customer through continuous improvement in order to provide high quality products and services.


We value UNITY, PROFESSIONALISM and INTEGRITY, keeping an open-mind courageous and challenging spirit and respect for individuality. 


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